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Tribute to RK-SJ combo - Mud Mud Ke - Shree 420

Tribute to Raj Kapoor and Shankar Jaikishen combination- Shree 420 (1955)

 Lyrics - Shailendra,
 Singers - Mannadey and Asha.
Actors - Raj Kapoor, Nargis and Nadira.

Again I am venturing into my Shankar Jaikishen territory after a rendezvous with Shammi this time it is another of the Kapoors – Raj. I promise I will come back with Shammi again.  There are only handfuls of hero’s in the industry that were very well versed in music and could influence them in their movies. We could name them – Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Dev Anand.

Raj Kapoor had vast music knowledge from his upbringing in the Prithvi Raaj troupe. He tried his luck at direction and at 21 years he became a director which was a record in those times. He did not do well with his first movie Aag. He directed Barsaat that was a beginning of a new trend – Raj Kapoor and Shankar Jaikishen.  “There was a saying that Raj mentioned SJ that the songs by them should be heard after 50 years”. What a prophecy? We are still listening to the gems of SJ-Raj starrers.

The song for this posting is from Shree 420. This movie had such amazing tunes which my dad used to play for me. Especially the beats were very catchy. Mind you these were 1955 tunes. All the songs like – Mera Jootha hai japani, Ramaya Vasatavaya, Dil ka haal sune dil wala, Pyar hua Ikraar hua, Ichak dana , Sham Gayi Raat Aayi etc. Of these I am picking two gems – Mud Mud ken a dekh and O jaanewale.

This song Mud Mud na dekh Mud Mud ke is so aptly shot in this movie as this forms a part of the story line. I have added this clipping for folks who have not watched the movie. So beautifully the director brings in the song with lovely dances.

The song starts when he says “Maya ki jaroorat hai”. This has an inner meaning too - Worldly pleasures. Raj is a good hearted poor man and he fights against the cunning guy and he is lured into the haughty and wealthy in this song.

This song translates the emotion and also so soulfully makes a transition in the music also. The product creators were lyrics - Shailendra and orchestration by - Shankar Jaikishen. Also one of the classiest dance numbers shot in Hindi cinema of yesteryears.

Routine starts with sets of Violins with call and response mode. You can see Nadira opening the dance floor and Nargis in tears. Raj is caught on the dark side now. Fast paced excellent guitar strumming routine and snare drums coincides with the Violins roaring behind it. We can also hear the clicking instrument behind. This is repeated as the dancers come around.  Just before Asha sings Mud Mud ke we hear a mild guitar piece playing the tune. When Asha sings we have guitars strumming, snare drums, Violins responding to her. This routine is haunting as we can hear Asha’s voice, Violins background following her, Accordions following her, Snare drums in a very slow pace. Chorus singers are just mind blowing repeating Asha. When Asha ends the singing we can see Raj is in the dark.
The interlude #1 is Violins and Accordions in a harmony – Violins playing the routine with Double Bass and Cello forming another layer with Accordions supporting. Listen to Asha humming with the routine along with Violins in a lower octave and chorus repeating the routine. Violins continue the routine with a great ending by Accordions.
At 1.47secs Asha sings the lines Aye gayi manzilons ki – Please listen to the violins, drums and Accordions playing with her voice at the same octave. This is repeated for the chorus singers too. Just listen to the beautiful humming by Asha along with the instruments, it is a great harmony. This ends with the Mud Mud ke routine sung once and repeated by chorus
At 2.32secs we see the magic of Shankar Jaikishen at its peak. Trumpets just blare into a great routine. This shows Raj slowly recognizing the mood and his face changes to a different flavor. Trumpets play a routine which counterpoints with each other (4 of them in picture) and maybe multiple more. We can listen to two sets of trumpets playing with each other. This is very clearly seen in the trumpet routine Raj plays and listen to the loop is completed. When the trumpets end the violins come up now and the snare drums with guitar strumming and this is played at a FASTER PACE!!
When Mannadey sings Mud Mud ke the tune is different than what Asha sings. Pace is changed which means the mood is changed. Listen to the lines “Zindagani ke safar me” and the Accordions routine is beautiful.
The shot from 3.16secs till 3.42secs is the BEST routine. Nadira starts singing and the dance routine is BLISSFUL. Raj and Nadira do a superb dance routine. SO GRACEFUL!! So much elegance is exhibited when both of them dance.
Instruments wise this is a great Accordion routine and Drums for beat section. Two accordion pairs play here in a CALL AND RESPONSE mode. Violins repeat the same routine with Accordion support and the Accordions end the interlude so beautifully for the next stanza of the song.

When Mannadey sings the lyrics are so positive. Sensing the mood of the song and situation we have a great coordination with the Lyricist and Music composer.

nainon Se Naina Jo Mila Ke Dekhe
mausam Ke Saath Muskura Ke Dekhe
duniya Usi Ki Hai Jo Aage Dekhe
nainon Se Naina Jo Mila Ke Dekhe 
mausam Ke Saath Muskura Ke Dekhe
duniya Usi Ki Hai Jo Aage Dekhe
 “Naino se naino” violins roar at the background. Chorus repeats the lines and the same instruments are heard in addition to the Accordions that are intercepted. Again Nadira does such a graceful dance to sing the Mud Mud routine.
Trumpets start the interlude from 4.10secs with all the other instruments Accordions, Double Bass, Guitars, Violins. 

Raj playing the Trumpet and look at Nadira (WOW SO GRACIOUS) who dances so beautifully. See her going around Raj with the trumpet.

The lines are so catchy. Lyrics say these – Very positive lines.

duniya Ke Saath Jo Badalta Jaaye
jo Iske Saanche Mein Hi Dhalta Jaaye
duniya Usi Ki Hain Jo Chalta Jaaye

Listen to the pace of the song now. It is at an even faster pace. Trumpets and accordions play the routine faster and this ends a glorious song!!!

Hat’s off to all those who have created this MASTERPIECE!

Here added to the above melody where Nargis wants Raj to turn back. This is in response to the earlier number. Very mild orchestration and weight is given to the Lyrics and Lata’s immortal voice.


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