Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tribute to Mohammed Rafi and Shammi Kapoor! - Part 2

Tribute to Mohammed Rafi and Shammi Kapoor Part 2! – Brahmachari!

Listening pleasure!

Dil ke jharoke mein tujko

This song fetched Mohammed Rafi his second National award. This is a very emotional song that conveys superb lyrics through one of the finest orchestrations by the Maestro Shankar Jaikishen.  This song has usage of Piano, drums, accordions, violins, double bass, cellos and chorus interspersing between the dance routine. I am not sure about the dance form but looks like ballroom dance.  
Scene starts with Shammi with Sharadha and Pran. Seems like old love and during the talk we can hear lovely Hawaiian guitar with drums and jingles bells and rolling by so calmly which cannot be ignored. Then starts the Piano routine (0.54) with dance assembled on a heart shaped (new year 1966) artists ladies in white and men in Black and light blue combination.
This lovely piano piece ends at 1.14 secs, then starts a violin frenzy. Two sets of violins one is at a higher octave and other in lower octave supported by cello’s, double bass and accordions. They also respond to each other. This continues as a harmony when at 1.34secs chorus voices start to overlap the violins. The chorus sings the same routine as the violins did (is this fugue?- western classical technique).  Another beauty is the chorus take over the violins role but the base violin and the cello’s remain the same support. Listen to the chorus at 1.52secs wherein they go to a higher octave (just bliss!!) and you could clearly hear the “plucking of the strings (violins). Then the chorus stops when the masked men come and violins again take over to the finish by the dual between the two men (masked and the black dress) and see the violin just convey the dance effect with the girls dancing with the masked men. 
This ends at 2.19 secs where we again see Shammi with the piano to end the magnificent prelude at 2.26secs. This prelude was from 0.54 secs with a piano piece and traverses through so many instruments and harmony while it ends at 2.26 secs.

The orchestration in the interlude takes the crescendo to a high pitch where Rafi goes Dil ki jharoke mein tuhjo bita kar – you could hear violins strings just start with Rafi but drums take over immediately after the word bita kar. Violins also follow where rafi goes  but a set of violins play counter to his voice. What is the counter effect? Rafi’s sings and if you carefully listen to the violins they play a same tune in a slightly different octave(very minimal). 
At 2.52secs violins again play a great part in the 1st BGM . Violins playing counter to each other to start with cellos, accordions also in the bass support. At 2.59secs Trumpets join the fray with violins playing bass with cellos, accordions and double bass. 
At 3.06 secs Piano now takes the lead with the violins and cellos, double bass playing at a lower octave. Beauty of this BGM is there are three levels of orchestra arrangement – 

Level 1 Violins lead with support from cellos, violins, accordions and double bass. 
Level 2 – Trumpets in the lead with support from violins and other level support from cello’s and double bass. 
Level 3 – Piano lead with violins and bass support.
Such a classic BGM treat from the Maestros. Moreover the dance sequence is also eye catching.
At 3.20 secs When Rafi sings “kal tere jalwen me” violins follow him by giving support and  roar ferociously when he says mahak meri sanson me hogi.. Excellent follow by piano, violin combination. This is sync with the dance and Sharadha and Shammi are shown on the same screen and Pran sees her reaction based on the lyrics sung. Violins give the pathos effect so beautifully. WOW!!

This stanza is at a higher octave sung by Rafi and it flows like a river. Listen to the violins in this stanza which varies by the mood of the singer. Just total bliss!

At 4.07 Chorus goes at a higher octave with drums and then even higher octave till 4.19. With the chorus we can hear violins too but chorus forms the lead and violins are support only. violins take over with Bass and Cello at one level and Piano at the other level to end the BGM.
Over this song conveys the pathos effect with a lovely ballroom dance with ladies like flamingos and men in tights. This is a great number for orchestration arrangement. One of the finest numbers from SJ,Rafi and Shammi combination. 


  1. Great analysis! Thanks father dearest.

  2. Satish SubramanianMarch 18, 2013 at 3:21 PM

    Veera - You have touched on one of my favorite songs - close to my heart! Years ago in a program called Chaaya geet - an 1/2 hour program in the early 70s Doorsharshan an dB/W- they at times would show "Piano Songs" and one of the staple songs was this one. During college we made our own versions to suit the occasion and in fact my friends came up with a very naughty one for our "Nalangu "function to roast us! Kudos to you for breaking down the song so well - only some one who has the "Junoon" can do this. Yeh sentiment nikhla hai seedhe mere - Dil Ke Jarokhon Se!! Well done!

    1. Satish- Thanks a lot for your amazing feedback. It is from these kind of feedback I get my energy to do more. This particular song took almost hour and a half to pen down. It is truly a masterpiece.

      More songs are coming and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised and will appreciate.

      Wish you a happy week ahead!