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An evening with the Burmans!

An evening with the Burmans!

"The kings of ancient India, who are still appreciated and loved, in the annals of history are not only the conquerors and power-wielders but those who have enhanced their courts with rich talent and appreciation for arts and culture"

Thanks to Sistar Mortgage " Rajiv and Vinitha" for hosting this grand event. It takes a generous and appreciative heart to organize such an event and bring it to the public art lovers irrespective of time, cost and effort. 

Rajiv and Vinitha and Sistar Mortgage staff - You have won our hearts. Thanks. 

Burman Gharana was a huge success in my humble opinion. Overall it was a huge effort on the orchestra, singers , lighting and production. Thanks to 
Rama Raghuraman we could attend this program which was a SELL OUT!! It was 5 hours of non stop entertainment of the DADA music. First half had Burman Sr and the next half was pure Burman Jr (Chote Nawab).

 Absolute bliss!! Kuldip (the LIVE WIRE) had so much energy to run the whole show and till the end the energy was intact. Vishali Bhatt did a great job of compering and also giving us some extra knowledge about the songs and the Burmans usage of instruments. 

Our own Rama was superb in her songs bringing Lata Mangeshkar's voice with perfection (especially the GUIDE song Kaanto See Keench ke". Alka reminded us of Asha Bhosle numbers by singing so beautifully (Dum maro Dum). Amol was a great performer with his tabla skills too. He was just class in "Padosan" song - ek Chatur Naar with Kuldip. Percussion section with Richardson and Our own Mohan anna was on Congas. Anish Chandani was the PICK - His Flute, Key board and singing was outstanding. Guitar was class (especially the "Teesri Manzil" song - Aaja aaja start piece. Trumpets was played so beautifully. The highlight was the Lighting. It was done by the best in business - our own Lighting Guru Satish (Vyjayanthi Satish please convey this to him). He richly deserves this praise as he had faced a lot of challenges with the lighting equipment. Overall it was a well organized program where I had the pleasure of meeting some of our own friends - Shanta SantaprakashChakravarti DesikanRadika Desikan, Vyjayanthi, Rohini RaviSubramanian Manjunathan, Sujatha Srinivasan SubramaniamRadha Akkoor. It was liked by my daughter too who enjoyed the classics of yesteryears show that how much "Burman Gharana" was successful last night. We need many programs like this to make music LIVE in this MI Indian community. 

Flute - o raama re- prem ke pujari
Vatan - prem pujari
Introduction to Burman dada.
Patdip raag - megha chaya- sharmilee - Orchestration difference in interludes (classical and western).
Dil pukare -Rama
Phoolon ke rang se
Ye dil na hota bechara
Kaaton se keech ke ye aanchal- Rama - Superb singing 
Khoya khoya chand- Lighting had the moon effect.
Hoton pe aisi baath - Percussion was absolute BLISS. It was repeated again due to audience request.
Na tum hamaien jano - Rajiv sang this 
Hai apna dil to awara
Taqdeer se bigadi hui - Isha Bhatt (daughgter of Kuldip) did a great job!!! great potential and the attitude was worth mentioning. 
Waqt ne kiya
Yeh mehalon - from Pyaasa and some dialog which reminded of Guru Dutt the great director. 
Sar to tera chakra aye - Maalish song with Jhonny Walker


Baboo samjo ishare
Teri bindhiya re- Rama
1942 love story intro 
Doli me bitaye Rongila Rongila - SD burman dada's Bangla composition (inspiriration for Kuch na kaho) 
Kuch na kaho


Sapna mera
Dum maro dum
Tere bina jiya jaye na
RD's invention of instruments.
Pyar hume is mod pe - Worth mentioning - great lighting!!
Aane wala Pal 
Mehbooba- mere naina saawan
Tere bina zindhagi
Tujse naaraz nahin
Loote koi man ka nagar
Dil aisa kisi mera thoda
Phir wohi raat hai.
Aap ki aakhon me kuch
Main shayar badnaam
Kuch to log kahenge
Jis gali me tera ghar
Zindhagi ke safar me
Mere saamne vali kidki me
Kehna hai aaj tumse
Flute - anish chandani!! Hero!!
Khoobsurat song!! Piya bawri
Lakdi ki ghoda - Masoom song sung by KIDS. 

Sax - Ye saam mastani - (Varun and Patel) This was done by two kids from Michigan - One Sax was at a higher Octave and other was in Bass. Perfect harmony and sync. Very talented kids. 

Pholon ka taron ka. - sung by a kid. 

Ek chatur naar - classic singing by Amol and Kuldip! - brought out memories of Kishore and Mehmood from Padosan. 

Vada karo 

aja aaja! - Amazing orchestration. - Guitar and Drums were too perfect. Anish was so perfect in the Keyboards (which brought out Violin effect). 
Piya Tu
Duniya me

In the end it was thunder and lightning (with light effect) to bring out the best RD numbers. 

My humble feeling - This program did not have songs from "Yaadon Ki Baarat", "Hum kise se kum nahin", "Parichay" etc which was the peak in his days. 

Overall great evening spent with lovely music and friends. 

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  1. Veera,

    This is a wonderful post. Full of nostalgic memories for me as far as the songs are concerned. When you wrote of Shankar-Jaikishen, I wanted to mention RD Burman too as being a sahrdaya. But I didn't knowing fully well that you'd sooner or later write about him.

    You should really do a special post on solid hits from films like Teesri Manzil, Apna Desh featuring the orchestration and arrangement that people still love so much.


  2. Srini,

    Planning to write about some immortal RD hits very soon.