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An Evening with Do-Kishore!

An Evening with Do-Kishore!

Written on 9/29/2012 in Michigan – Thanks to my dearest friends Satish and Vyj for making this happen as a dream come true for me.
Dada aur bachon - Intro song. – This was an intro song from the Kishore brothers. It was a grand intro.
Hey babu!! Both
Marne ki dua - ziddi- sd – Started with the immortal Dev – Kishore da – SD Burman Da combo.
Mana janab ne pukara nahin- sd – continued with Dev
Choti si ye duniya – sj – One of the rarest combo SJ and Kishore da. Kishore’s antics about names were told and enacted here.
Surma mera nirala- op nayar – OP Nayar and his Nayariya.. tunes..
Ek haseena thi, ek diwaana tha – grand entry with this song.

Mere bichde saath sahare. Koi lauta de mujhe beete hue din- KK lovely captions – This song brought tears to almost everyone. Amazing acting by the singing genius and singing by the young Sumit.

O mere dil ke chain!! – One of the most favorite songs of everyone in the audience. Crowd was in raptures when the young Sumit sang.  It just brought back the scene from “Mere Jeevan Sathi” into my minds.

I just closed my eyes and went into that time in my life. WOW. What a great combo – Kishore- RDBurman.

Samne ye kaun aaya- Jawani Diwani one more classic number which again was superbly sung by Sumit. He just brought his father’s midas touch and the combo with RD Burman.
Babu samjo ishare - Chalti ka naam gadi. – song inspired by a Bengali farmer singing in his native village. SD Burman could not get this tune and Kishore da gave him the clue. Nice story to listen and appreciate.

Koi humdum na raha koi sahara na raha- jhumroo – One more Kishore beauty..
Aise na main tumko seene se laga doonga- based on Mozart 40 symphony.- The anecdote goes this way. One morning RDB calls Amit to bring Mozart 40 Symphony record. When he was searching Kishore da asks what is going on? Amit says RDB wants this record. Kishore da says “he is copying”. 

Once RDB gets the record he plays it and gets very impressed but Amit tells this has already used by Salil da as “Itna na mujhse pyar bada” – RDB gets upset and walks to the bathroom but his assistant comes up with this amazing improvisation of the tune with this gem.

Ye dil na hotha bechara- inspiration bridge on river kwai.
SDB, Dev, Kishore and Amit had gone to a movie “Bridge on the River Kwai”- When SDB heard the “whistling tune” he got inspired and composed this song.
Nonsense item. – Done with the stage audience was really funny.

Din jawani ke pyar yaar pyar kiye ja. – Another Kishore gem..
Medley –
1.      Aa chal ke tujhe- door gagan ki chao me!!
2.      Woh shaam kuch ajeeb thi.
3.      Yeh jeevan hai. Is jeevan ka yahi rang roop!!
4.      Baat jo ho - inthahaan ho gayi intezaar ki!!
5.      Pal pal dil ke paas!(Maximum applause)
6.      Zindagi pyaar ka geeth hai.
Sumit sang
Yeh jawaani hai diwaani.- One of the best drums and Bass guitar live with the song brought great memories!!
Zindhagi ka safar hai yeh kaisa safar! – Kishore ki dard bhari geeth was superbly rendered by Sumit.
Chala jaata hun kisi ke dun me! – Fast RD number – tribute to RDB and Kishore da.
Bachna hai haseeno!! - remix version – Fast paced.
Amit enters
Mere sapno ki rani – Usual class song. No further comments needed. Just saw “aradhana” scene.
Roop tera mastaana-  this was a different Bangla tune and it was based on the tune like “Ore Majhi” . Annedote from Amit – Call from SDB at 1:30am to Kishore to come to his house in the morning. When he goes he see Musicians , RDB, Rajesh Khanna, Shakti samant da, SD Burman dada. Kishore listens to this tune and tells SDB that there was an old tune composed by SDB for a Bengali movie -  Ek to amar badi” Same tune as “Roop tera mastana” – rest is history..

Clippings of Elvis, Carl Perkins, Beatles, Chuck Berry, - rock and roll.
Clippings of Cliff Richards - Aap ka kahena hum ka kahena.
Clippings of Tennessee Earney Ford from Chalti ka naam gadi.. - Hum the woh the aur saama rangeen.-
Kabhi palkon pe aansoo hai..- Death of the Great singing Maestro brought tears to all of us. 

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