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Duniya Mein Logon Ko - RDB Classic

Duniya Mein Logon Ko - Please enjoy the video and read my notes below. 

DEDICATION – To my loving daughters (Hiranmayi and Thejomayi) who love old Hindi songs!


My older daughter Hiranmayi, came to me one evening to ask "appa will you write about a song for me"? I was pleasantly surprised as to what song she would ask. She played it on you tube and said "appa this song is like Piya Tu, and I like it". Knowing me I went into the history of the song and its original "Nam Naadu" song of MGR. 

This sprang an idea -

How about Nam Naadu song (Ninathathai Nadathiye Mudipavan) and Apna Desh (Duniya mein Logon Ko)? My next posting in my blog features these songs.

This proves Greats MSV and RDB match on par with each other in these creations!!
MGR the phenomenon created a path for himself in the TFM with grand success. All of his songs, acting and on screen persona was well planned and orchestrated. In addition to this he was a brilliant strategist. He rode to popularity through songs and won the elections even before his foes knew what was happening. The common public just thought they were happy at being entertained. One such movie was Nam Naadu featuring MGR and Jayalalitha. MSV has donned the music mantle. And what an awesome job has he done!
One of the best cinematographed songs with lots of orchestrations, TMS and LRE voicing to make it a huge hit!

This section is to write the greatness about both songs – Hindi version called “Apna Desh”.  This song featured Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz who was the heart throb during those days. RD has matched every bit of his music with MSV. This Hindi version was released after the Tamil version. The orchestration, voices by RD and Asha make the song popular even till date.

What puzzles me is how RDB took the original composition of MSV and generate a new song purely with his own style. When we see the original song we had MGR who was all over the song. No one else could dominate the scene, but in this song all the actors,the singers as well as dance women get preference and exposure (in the literal sense too). Be it the villains (Om Prakash, Madan Puri) or the main stars RK and Mumu. The dancers feature ending every interlude and have a special music to their dance movements. The lighting is also noteworthy especially when RK starts his singing.

That is the genius of RDB aka Pancham.  The original song is an amazing piece of orchestration by our own genius MSV which had such an impact on the Tamil audience.
This Hindi version has every character on the screen get importance.

Prelude - 

Starts with a trumpet noise and the great yelling by RDB “beeraa...tara tara taraa, para para para taraataraataraatara taraaru “ 

Drums start off in a frenzy and RDB continues the yelling in a totally different voice (In my humble opinion even experienced singers would avoid doing so because it would damage the vocal cord). Electric guitar plays a lovely routine once he finishes his yelling. Again he repeats the same notes.

Just before he starts “Duniya mein” listen to the trumpets. RK dances his way to sing Duniya mein and of goes one of the toughest singing when he sings the line and does a breathless voice. I tried it and am not able to imitate this at all. Even to consider this could have been done by track mixing it seems not possible with such perfection. Hat’s off to RDB the Maestro. Just listen to the “Dhoka kabhi ho jata hai”. It is so raw and sexy. This sets the mood of this rocking number!! 

When he finishes the first prelude we can see the lovely Mumtaz dance her way into the scene in a skimpy outfit. Asha starts off following a lovely guitar piece and drums still continue. RDB still does the breathless noise.

Interlude1 – 

Mesmerizing mixture of instruments with Guitars (Bass and Electric), Trumpets, Bongos, Saxophone. Guitars start off (multiple guitars) one for the Bass support, one for the electric lead, acoustic guitar following the Bass. It sounds like “Jaane ne Jaan” from Jawani Diwani movie. At least the Guitar piece does so. Trumpets follow the guitar and a lovely Sax piece played by RK. This is followed by a classic rhythm bongos, drums section and Mumtaz dancing again with the camera moving as she comes forward. This follows by a superb electric guitar section with Rhythm support and ends in Trumpets (the scene is also very interesting as we see three lovely women dancing with the tune).

When Mumtaz sings “Naagin meri jaan” she gyrates as she in a snake position. The whole stanza she does the snake movement. The beat is very fast and her dancing with the villains behind is very funny to see. RDB again comes across with his breathless technique.

Interlude 2 – Guitars in support of each other play a routine and Sax is played with Trumpets overlapping and another amazing guitar routine with the three women is played again with the guitars followed by Trumpets and Wah Wah pedal like instrument to end the interlude.

Interlude 3 – Guitar routine and the drums routine seen earlier is repeated and another short trumpet to start off the final stanza.

One thing about the stanza’s to be said here is RDB sings with a hoarse voice but his breathless technique is just out of the world.

Usage of instruments vary in range from Guitars (acoustic, bass and electric) , trumpets and Saxophone, Bongos and drums.  The orchestration arrangement with these instruments proves why RDB is a genius.  

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